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The purpose of this work package is to disseminate the findings of INTERA. This website will play an important role in delivering project related information to users.

Methods of dissemination

A multi-faceted approach to dissemination will be used, which will consist of:

  • publication in peer-reviewed journals;
  • proactive participation in international fora (e.g. conferences); and
  • passive dissemination through internet-based communication (e.g. this project website and the project newsletters).
  • A user and stakeholder workshop will be held near the end of the project. This workshop will communicate the principal results of INTERA to key stakeholders.

A final report of the project has been prepared and includes all relevant research findings. The final report, and associated appendices, is available here.

For copies of the newsletters published throughout the project, please go here.


The contact person for WP6 is Emma Doust from IOM, Scotland (


Project contacts

For further information about INTERA contact:

 Dr Karen Galea at IOM, Edinburgh, EH14 4AP, UK.

Arja Asikainen,
National Institute for Health and Welfare,
FI 70701 Kuopio, FINLAND