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The aim of this work package is to develop tools in order to visualize the output of the modelling platform (WP3) in an attractive and correct way.  Adequate visualisation tools for presenting results of exposure in the indoor environment are essential for policy-making purposes as well as for communication to the public at large.


A set of visualization tools, starting from simple charts to geographical maps will be developed. Special attention will be paid to avoid misinterpretation of spatial trends in indoor exposure by a correct presentation of the uncertainty and variability within and across spatial units (e.g. countries or regions), and by providing information on the underlying mechanism driving the spatial trend (e.g. ventilation of dwellings, consumer behaviour etc).


The tools will be developed in such a way that exposure displays can be generated online, via web-based services (geo-server for geographical maps and webserver java-scripts for charts), with an automated coupling with the output of the WP3 computational platform.


The contact person for WP4 is Katleen De Brouwere from VITO, Belgium (

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