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The main objective of WP3 is the development and implementation of an integrated computational platform for exposure assessment in indoor environments to better exemplify and support the standardisation of the approach. The platform covers all parts of the exposure chain from sources, through to indoor fate modelling, exposure scenario build-up and exposure modelling (both external and internal as needed for robust assessment) (Figure 1).

The computational platform

Figure 1: Conceptual representation of the proposed platform
The computational platform is composed by 3 main modules, namely:

  • Emissions-Concentrations component
  • Exposure component
  • Internal dose – PBPK/PD (Physiology Based PharmacoKinetic/PharmacoDynamic) model component
Most of the modules correspond to systems of differential equations that describe a dynamic environmental or biological procedure. Thus, the whole modelling environment describes a dynamic interaction, and changes of individual parameters of previous steps-compartments having a direct effect on the parameters of the next ones. Moreover, with the mechanistic approach described above and the connection between the modules, backwards estimations are also feasible allowing a better interpretation-exploitation of the existing data (environmental or biomonitoring) and filling the gaps of the full chain assessment.
The uncertainty associated with each dataset input into the platform will be explicitly reported either in the form of probability distribution functions (if available) or at least in terms of value ranges or other simple statistical metrics, like standard deviation and mean/median values of the parameters used.
The INTERA platform follows the open architecture paradigm in order to allow future models to be readily used within the same framework on the basis of a standardized input / output protocol. This will allow the tool to be easily adapted to scientific / technical progress. It is an end-user workstation and providing a web-browser is installed, needs only to have an Internet connection to allow the user to connect to the INTERA server to run the platform.
A presentation on the computational platform was given at the Indoor Air Conference 2011. A copy of that presentation can be accessed here.


The final deliverables will be the “full chain” exposure modelling system (software) and its operating and user manuals. The computational platform is available here. You will need to register first (it is free to use).


The contact person for WP3 is Alberto Gotti from CERTH, Greece (

Project contacts

For further information about INTERA contact:

Dr Karen Galea at IOM, Edinburgh, EH14 4AP, UK.

Arja Asikainen,
National Institute for Health and Welfare,
FI 70701 Kuopio, FINLAND