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The main task of WP2 is to review and collate the data for parameters defined as main determinants of indoor exposure by the work done in WP1. The data collected is used as input data for the case studies done in WP5, which utilize the modelling platform developed in WP3.


The information from the relevant previous studies and available web based databases are used as the primary source of information. The data groups that are covered are:

  • indoor and outdoor exposure levels
  • indoor sources and source emissions
  • housing and sociological conditions determining exposures
  • exposure modifiers, such as consumer behaviour, time-activity, indoor:outdoor ratio and the air exchange rates
  • indoor source emission and exposure models


A web based indoor exposure knowledge management system (KMS) is built up to accommodate the data collected. In addition links to usable exposure modelling tools and links to exposure assessment guidance documents are provided. KMS is built up on a Wiki based system, which allows all interested parties to contribute on the content. This provides possibility to provide access to collected data to anyone interested in using that. It also makes it easier to keep the content updated as more people can easily provide their inputs. The indoor exposure KMS is up and running at:


The contact person for WP2 is Arja Asikainen from THL, Finland (

Project contacts

For further information about INTERA contact:

Dr Karen Galea at IOM, Edinburgh, EH14 4AP, UK.

Arja Asikainen,
National Institute for Health and Welfare,
FI 70701 Kuopio, FINLAND