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The first INTERA work-package aims to collect and summarise existing information on measurements of indoor air pollutants gathered in homes within the European Union.


Previous studies’ datasets will be reviewed and information from studies such as HEIMTSA (Health and Environment Integrated Methodology and Toolbox for Scenario Assessment –, which brought together all the available data on a selected number of pollutants, such as PM10 and PM2.5, VOCs, and flame retardants, will be collated. Similar activity will review outputs and datasets from studies such as INDEX, AIRMEX, THADE, EXPOLIS and CAIR4HEALTH.

WP1 will also review all existing indoor air quality (IAQ) models and using information from these we will generate a matrix of indoor air pollutants (IAP) and the primary determinants of exposure.


Both the review of existing indoor air pollutant data and the collation of the various IAQ models will be brought together in a single report which will be published on this website. The IAP data will be fed in to the Knowledge Management System (KMS) that forms much of the work of WP2

Final report

The Final Report for INTERA Work Package 1 is now available (3rd March 2011). It can be viewed here (pdf, 762 kb).

A lay summary of the final report can be viewed here.


The contact person for WP1 is Sean Semple from Aberdeen University, Scotland (
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